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CIEL » Ultimele versiuni CIEL Gestiune Comerciala Standard
CIEL Business Management  - version  2.3 - 20th of December 2010

Starting with the version 2.3 the application is compatible with the new application CIEL Production Management !
At the import of lists items, a check was added to change the selling price, with and without VAT for imported items. Checkmark is unchecked by default. Change is only for wholesale deposit type;
Through the cash register you can now sell quantities that contains decimals;
The report  "Fisa de magazie" has benn optimized;
The possibility of exclusion and locking the clients from being billed was introduced. Blocking is done according to the overruns due and the credit limit set for each client;
n the Utilitare menu the option Blocare / Deblocare Parteneri. That option, if called up, checks and if necessary blocks customers whose balance is greater than the credit limit set or if they have passed the due date from bills. If a client meets both the blocks but has ticked "Exclus de la blocare" it will not be blocked. Also, if a client no longer meets the locks afterm making the payments it is released;
We introduced the possibility to see a table at the opening the program that contains all articles that have reached or felt below the minimum stock level established for each item. Set minimum stock is made in the text of the article;
The trade analysis reports were improved;
The making of accounting notes in currency has been improved;
Procedure for cancellation of sale and purchase invoices in the currency has been modified so that it be done in currency value of the bill;
At the report  vechime stoc articole you can now be explicitly state the range for the report to be generated;
The generation of the activation code has changed.

CIEL Business Management  - version  2.2.3 - 24th of September 2010

The report and procedure for the listing of stock chart were fixed;
At the sales profit report now all the invoices are selected;
In the chart of accounts, you no longer can delete accounts that are associated in articles as stock account, income, expendure, etc. ;
In the chart of accounts, you no longer can delete accounts that are associated in deposits as stock account, income, expendure etc. ;
You can no longer modify the VAT value for the default accounts 4426 , 4427 , 4428;
The problems regarding the accounting notes are solved;
Document lines export from NIR or buying order was solved;
Export of the accounting note on refunds are on minus on debit and on credit;
The report, Listing/ documents business / clients or suppliers - invoice follow-up was corrected "outstanding value partner";
In the window "Introduction tax bills" in the selection of the second article on the receipt, screening done for the first item is no longer applied by default.

CIEL Business Management  - version  2.2.2 - 2nd September 2010

The generation of accounting notes is corrected in this subversion.

CIEL Business Management  - version  2.2.1 - 25th August 2010

db file has been changed to commercial management so that the updated program management company in calculating the cumulative budgets of commercial accounting software is not affected;
changed user rights so that they can change the selling prices;
the Profit sales report  has been corrected;
interface for the introduction of tax bills has been corrected so that the push buttons to reduce or increase the price corresponding windows appear;
mode "Fiscal printed" the cashier Datecs was corrected so that the product name is truncated to 22 characters;
24% VAT rate is set by default on a newly created society

CIEL Business Management  - versiunea 2.2 - 12 August 2010

The length of the accounts changed from 16 to 30 characters;
The correction of the inventory has changed for the articles that have checked the option in calculation chart starting from TTI;
Zeros in front of imported items cods are no longer truncated;
Listing stock articles FIFO, LIFO can be done alphabetically;
Minutes of price change does not delete lines if it is listed before validation;
Creation of price lists was improved;
The number of characters was increased at additional comments documents from 50 to 1000;
The warning message was chenaged when generating OD if temporary documents exist in the selected period: "Atentie, aceste documente nu vor fi luate in considerare"
The collection by right clicking on the document, if in the explanation is not written anything, the account title is saved there;
At the cancellation of receipts,in the accounting note the passing mark for the number of initial receipt number is written;
Number of bill written on the NIR iis saved automatically.

CIELBusiness Management - version 2.0 june 10th 2009

A new method of discharge was introduced, LOTS which tracks stock after the purchase price of the lot and expiration date.

Ability to generate foreign currency account notes and for receipts and payments automatic generation of differences notes for exchange rate .

Ability to collect an invoice and to seek its payment till it is a bill of sale.

Ability to configure layouts for printing alternative,that can be selected by right clicking on documents.

Possibility to export / import lines of documents in / from text files.

The possibility of automatic generation of a line of discount in the documents.



Possibility of reopening detailed balances for customers, that is kept in balance date invoices, the agent, and balance of the not biled invoices at the moment of reopening.

On reopening, the ability to generate documents of initial stock with the date of entry into stock (to maintain continuity of seniority on the new stock company)

Optimized way of configuring the payment methods for generating tax receipts

On retail store type it has been introduced the possibility of reevaluating the selling price.

New models of cash registers were added: Elka Epson Rompos2000, Optimus, CR655 Optima, and Optima CR300/CR500/CR715 .

Ability to automatically generate orders made in accordance with need. For items that have a main supplier, the program will automatically generate purchase orders with an amount equal to the difference between minimum stock and actual stock. Commands will generate the date the current day generation.

Additional Fields documents has the option to be visible, to appear as columns in the lists of documents

On the report on profit income there were included the refunded sales, along with the refunds.

On the menu Iesiri - bon casa there is a new button in the document, to be able to print a receipt date to the house, it only generates text file, printing is done by the user can launch in a separate text file for printing by executing the application that is communicating with the home tax

The purchase invoice can have the same number if they come from different suppliers

At article codes there can also be used special characters (dot, bar, minus)

In documents it was introduced a new field observations that can be selected from a predefined list.

Written explanation in the document collection / payment are exported also on the accounting notes on explanation

In the window of stock balance listing, there is the option to list and report option "Accounts"

Optimized configuration for cash register by setting departments and VAT rates.

In resurse-informatii it was added a new feature that allows the release of the documents that are in progress.

Added the ability to establish trade margin depending on the average purchase price, applies to companies set PAMP.

On the user profiles restoration documents were added.

 On user profiles was added the possibility of granting rights of the menu functions: creation, modification, cancellation, validation, visualization.


Book entry shows seen from the document shows also the date

 It has been introduced a new configuration parameter of a company: check yes / no unique fiscal code for partners .

If a message shows that there are temporary documents (eg generation OD), these will be displayed

If zero amounts are entered on documents, to calculate the values of stocks thet displaying ofthe message "Division by zero occurred" was canceled

Importing catalogs from text files it can be also done in databases containing transactions

Importing catalogsfrom text files it can import the batch and expiration date, for companies with lots stocks followed by the method LOTURI

The auxiliary budget from budget companies was renamed in funding sources.

To budget companies was added a new field type budget, called the budget indicators

When creating clients / suppliers, if we do not have enabled in the company parameters the accounting note for NIR, there will not automatically be created associated accounts.

At listari-analiza comerciala, at grouping there was added also article categories

At fisiere-liste de preturi, besides the start date it has been added the finishdate , as to use the price lists for promotions

In price lists you can also select categories of items .

Document duplication optimization, will not duplicate and store the new document but it will generate the current deposit .

Listari-analiza comerciala, takes into account the discount on all documents.

The maximum number of lines is now 32,000 documents

  It was introduced the possibility to automatically generate stock movements for adjusting the inventory.

It introduced the possibility to print wide range invoices (Multiple print).

New check button for the article file, saving the same price article on all deposits

New check button for the article file, the same accounts on all deposits

New check button for the article file, hide items blocked.

In fisiere-articole, it was added a new category of sales: Sales taxable according to art. 152 par.1 2, needed to generate accounting notes


New check button on fisiere customers / suppliers, hide blocked partners

New check button on fisiere customers / suppliers, view partner details


A new information, was introduced in the records of customers / suppliers, type of activity

The possibility of common numbering of invoices and bills ,advance sales and invoice made by agents

A new report was introduced, notes of price changes, visible on retail deposits

It was added in the report generator two new layouts for sales billing in currency

A user can use as one or more stores simultaneously, before it could select one or all deposits.


It was introduced the posibility to automatically save the database.



CIEL Business Management - version 1.9 - 20th August 2008

Automatic saving of the article purchase price is made in the same manner as for the price of sale
Any file can be submitted directly by e-mail as a .pdf file attachment
An option has been added for generating and printing labels containing barcodes

In the menu Files - Configuration - Company – we have introduced two new options
          Using a bar code generated by scales 
          A warning message regarding the database saving and a configuration parameter for the number of days for this message

A link was implemented regarding the fiscal cash register Activa Magic
Another communication driver with Datecs cash registers - old or new format - was added
In the cash register bills window the real stock is displayed

The possibility for the refund files and type bill files to have the same range was created

A new option was introduced: "Blocked Article" This feature allows you to block items that you do not want to appear in the list of items currently used. In this way you can visibly improve the speed of selecting the desired article.

The way of calculating the “total file in CID” (Customs Import Declaration) and "purchase invoice EU" was updated. Thus it is no longer included in the total payment to the supplier the custom taxes and the transportation if not paid by that supplier
The CID accounting note was optimised to avoid generating multiple records; now each note is added in the PDN (Primary File Number) differently
The accounting note of the administration download in a “en detail” warehouse can be generated according to one month
You may add additional lines to the files generated from the "Basic Files" (Sale
invoices of Shipping Note or Order) 
In order to add the partners’ address, there are available lists of districts related to Romania

The calculus procedure for the net foreign bills value from the file’s total has been modified in the form of: quantity x currency price, without any other charges  
A new classified list was added, containing the people who create invoices – together with adding standard models of invoice for the selected person and identification data

When you reopen the exercise it generates balance invoices with a distinct numbering, with SOLDIN series
When launching the import classified list option into an empty company, the file numbering and customised models will also be imported
In "Tools - Import classified list" option you are able to import stocks FIFO-LIFO. The method is to introduce the same item several times in the file to be imported - for each batch separately with a distinct price – thus the same number of lines it will be generated in the initial file storage
The company restore procedure has been optimised which is preceded by a verification of users connected to the database
When the tax code is added, it will automatically be verified if that code is already part of a third party

For selecting the user for listing the transaction journal, the user password column has been eliminated
An optional update of the database has been introduced, yes / no to select a company - this is useful if you do not want to upgrade it

The administration report can be centralised and listed by file
A new filter was added - AGENT - Balance reports / Balance due - listing – statistics – profit sales on customer / article, client / file
The clients/suppliers list has been changed so that in the agent column to be displayed the name of the agent, not the code






 CIEL Business Management - version 1.8.0 - 28th March 2008

New options were inserted for recording, tracking and automatically invoicing the subscription, service contracts
The sales invoice return and purchase invoice return documents can be created starting from the sales invoice and respectively the purchase invoice
You have new means of payment (promissory notes, gift vouchers, cheque collection, debit card) as well as the afferent accounting notes
You benefit from a new complex report, “Commercial analysis”, that provides multiple setup and saving options
You may display and print graphics with multiple setup and saving options
Navigating elements were inserted directly from the article sheet, clients/suppliers, deposits, means of payment
Generating the accounting note for validating the Bill of exchange can be made by setting up in Company parameters (similar to NIR)
You can choose/change the book for the documents issuing the accounting note: NIR, purchase, sales invoice, AE
Now CIF is controlled upon completion
The connection with the tax box EURO-2100 ELCOM was implemented
In the accounting export procedure it was added the possibility of export by XImport with “historical” accounts – document issuing accounts
In the item sheet, the stock, prices and accounts in the item sheets are highlighted according to the selected deposit


CIEL Business Management - 1.7.0 version – 15th November 2007

A new store type has been created: Retail stores, in which the management is evaluated at a sales price and the management download uses the “K parameter” that the program calculates and displays. The user can modify it or can continue using the automatically calculated value. Within this store, new types of documents have been created (e.g. PRICE MODIFICATION REPORT) and the existing documents have been modified in the sense of operating to the sales price and highlighting the markup. Many modifications have also been operated on the existing forms in order to obtain the necessary and useful information within the RETAIL activity. Both new-inserted elements and the modifications made within the old formats – records, documents formats – data insertions, reports-prints are presented further on. The changes presented below are highlighted either in the whole application or only on En-Detail-type stores.

In the article record from the DETAIL store: 
          New accounts have been added – markup and non-exigible VAT
          On the article record, the prices are blocked if the stock is not null (merchandise inputs have not been operated) 
          The sales prices can be modified in the case of a non-null stock only with PRICE MODIFICATION REPORT document
 new type of document has been created, PRICE MODIFICATION REPORT, visible only on the En-Detail deposit, in the INTERNAL menu. The report creates an output and an input line for each document line with corresponding price. At validation, the accounting note has a different NDP for each line. 
          In order to optimise the display of the lines and columns in the documents when inserting the data, the maximisation modality of creating the documents has been modified. The maximisation is performed on the entire display regardless the resolution, with displaying the columns in the document. For the input documents in the retail store, the names of the columns have been modified in order to highlight the input price columns (purchase, transfer in other stores) and output price (sales) 
         At input (direct purchases or purchases by transfer), the generated accounting note and the registration lines of the markup (4428 and 378 account) 
         The accounting note of management download in RETAIL store calculates the “K parameter”, propose it and requires the confirmation of the accounting note creation using the “K” value.
The “K” value can be modified by the user before generating the accounting note

The cash receipt input window has been drawn again (Fiscal printer) in order to use it with manual command displays (TOUCHSCREEN)
In the access form with ARTICLE PRICE INFORMATION button, the sales price values have also been inserted
The possibility of generating an accounting note has been introduced when validating an incoming reception note for which a non-exigible VAT account has been inserted.

The display way of document lists has been modified–a button for viewing the content of the documents directly in the list (master/detail) has been inserted
The working procedure for cash receipt insertion for Sapel fiscal cash register has been inserted with retrieving the EAN 13 codes without the control character (12 characters)
The possibility of rectifying the Consumption note and General outgoing documents has been inserted
New reports have been inserted:
          CUB reports
          Returns payments
          Movement summary
          Management report
New layouts have been inserted:
          Invoice with observation columns 2 lines
          Invoice with observation columns, the bottom of the receipt
          Invoice with observation columns
          Invoice with table without columns
The following reports have been modified:
          BALANCE and ARTICLE STOCK are displayed differently depending on the store type:at sales price, at purchase price
          On the SALES PROFIT report, a display option with or without VAT and three modalities of grouping/sorting the registrations have been inserted.
          Orders portfolio 
Printing layouts have been modified:

          AV format
          NIR format without markup with VAT
          Document layout

The format of the document number has been optimised by automatically filling in the number characters.

A new option in Tools – Database maintenance has been inserted
The possibility of the on-line update has been inserted, by using the Internet connection

CIEL Business Management - version 1.6.0 – 26th April 2007

A new report was inserted: “Stocks without modification”. It presents the situation of the stocks that were not modified during a certain period
Modification of the due overrun report format for “Suppliers due overrun” and “Customers due overrun”
Insertion of a check mark for marking a document whose accounting note should contain inverted taxation for VAT. If the document is checked, the accounting note (which will be exported to accounting) contains the inverted taxation for VAT.
On the “Stocks balance” report a sum total was inserted for all the storage

CIEL Business Management - version 1.5.0 – 1st March 2007

Insertion of new journals with subtypes corresponding to those in accounting
Insertion of VAT 0 quotients under deductible and collected
Insertion of a new document "EU ACQUISITION INVOICE"
Insertion, on the item record, of "DESTINATION" and "SALES CATEGORY" which play a part in the VAT options insertion
Insertion, on the third party record, of "RESIDENCE" which determines under what type and subtype the accounting record will appear
Insertion of possibility to configure document number ranges concerning the SUBUNIT and STORAGE
Insertion of possibility to configure the working storage when selecting the company and in the main menu
AUXILIARY BUDGETS (for com. comp.) / FINANCING SOURCES (for budgetary units) were inserted
Modification of the form for selection of journals - export to accounting by automatic inclusion on the basis of type selection
Insertion of possibility to partially display the last documents on the basis of the number of days configured under COMPANY PARAMETERS
Addition of the possibility to manually insert the charging price in case of customer repayment, on the basis of configuration within the COMPANY PARAMETERS
Insertion of the possibility for also selecting per AGENT in the PRINT-BALANCED DOCUMENTS-NON-CASHED INVOICES report


CIEL Business Management - version 1.4.0 – 22nd December 2006

Insertion of a new option for "Financial year reopening" under Tools/Financial Year Reopening
Insertion of sales prices and trade markups per incoming documents
In the document lines the prices including VAT were also inserted
A new option was inserted regarding the highlighting of transport from another supplier under DVI in Tax Distribution (with the corresponding accounting note)
You now have the possibility of directly adding, in the printing menu, new reports under Print-Customised Reports
Several new reports were added: Stocks age, Sales profit – synopsis for customer/item and customer/document
The calculation procedure concerning the usage of serial numbers was modified 

CIEL Business Management - version 1.3.0 – 16th October 2006

Allows the modification of values in the documents – VAT value, TTI value
Insertion of possibility for a certain user to be restricted to only one storage
Insertion of possibility to print in text mode
Insertion of agents commission report depending on returns, sales, delays
The non-cashed invoices now take into account the recalculation depending on the invoice period and the corresponding receipts
Extended Ximport file was inserted
Multiple printing in text mode
Possibility for multiple update, multiple save
Possibility to block partners in the record
New reports in the reports generator: Print Fifo, Lifo, Pamp inventory, invoice and receipt layout
Possibility to set accounts per storage
Insertion of possibility to create documents directly from the list of partners 

CIEL Business Management - version 1.2.0 - 3rd May 2006

Insertion of possibility to add data, text, whole number, decimal number type fields for customers, suppliers and items
Insertion of additional customer, supplier, items fields under selection criteria
Functional modifications for the compatibility with the SQL accounting program

CIEL Business Management - version 1.1.0 – 24th March 2006

Possibility to insert budgets directly to the document line, with generation of the corresponding accounting note
Insertion of the possibility to generate the accounting note for the general incoming document
Insertion of interface for working with fiscal SAPEL device, this being used for the FISCAL PRINTER mode, ASID ver.625 application and for the ON-LINE and OFF-LINE modes of the CEM Driver ver 0.0 application
Modification of the filtering by list-type windows modality (customers/suppliers, items, documents, etc.)
Insertion of the items category selection criterion per the printing forms
Insertion of classified lists import (items, customers, suppliers, contracts) from the text type files
Insertion of possibility to add fields on the lines in the documents
Insertion of possibility of working with receipts in the multistoried mode 

CIEL Business Management - version 1.0.160 – 14th December 2005

Insertion of bills payable book report for customers and suppliers
Insertion of documents totals report
The storage record can be printed for a certain period, with initial stock for the previous period being grouped by items and storage
Modification of discharge from administration calculation modality
Insertion of possibility to configure budgets per the whole document, generating the corresponding accounting note
Insertion of a new option concerning the resources/information in the tools menu that verifies the database integrity and information coherence
Insertion of a new type of finished product item
Insertion of a new type of delivery/receipt note under internal – stock modification which loads the finished products stock and generated the accounting note corresponding to the finished products income
In the stock balance, the acquisition and sales return can optionally appear bearing a minus sign on the incoming and outgoing columns
The sales return also appear in the sales profit report
A new report format was inserted for the consumption note
The Win 2005 (classified lists) import procedure was completed
Insertion of option for database saving before the discharge from administration
The print button within the grids now takes over the already filtered data
Modification of balance/due balance report

CIEL Business Management 2005 - version 1.0.159 – 10th August 2005

Insertion of possibility to view the documents that are fundamental for the validated documents that were created based on others
Insertion of letter display of the decimals on the receipt’s printing layout - modification of the NIR printing layout with markup; the calculation is made depending on the rounding parameter from the company’s configuration 
Optimisation of the calculation and display with decimals in the document data collection windows
Modification of the collection/taking-over modality concerning the data from the fiscal cash register that uses a number of decimals configured under FILE / PROGRAM CONFIGURATION

CIEL Business Management 2005 - version 1.0.158 – 14th June 2005

A new report was inserted, containing the invoices and their corresponding returns (payments), depending on the Customer/Supplier selection criterion
Addition of possibility to insert/select by partners code in the document data collection
Insertion of the possibility to select a bookmark by directly double clicking the table line, within the search windows
Insertion of the “Items price information” button also in the grids concerning the collection of Sales invoices and Delivery note (similar to the Consumption note)
Insertion of the “Generate items list” button on the price list, similar to the one in the “Initial stock” document.
Insertion of the "Total" field in the “Items price information” window
Insertion of the "Total" field in the “Consumption notes” report
Insertion of the "Total" field in the “Invoice details” report, in the Tools / Update Prices by Categories menu
Inserted the possibility to choose the storage for which the price update by categories is made
Insertion of the “Category” field under the customers, suppliers filtering criteria
Insertion of the “Print” button for items, invoices, customers, etc.
Insertion of the “Agent” selection criterion on the selection form from the non-cashed invoices report
The “Negative stocks” report is grouped by storage

CIEL Business Management 2005 - version 1.0.151 – 6th April 2005

Makes the transition to the New Leu (RON) according to Law 348 of 14 July 2004 concerning the denomination of the national currency
          Modification of the company selection window which now contains two tabs: companies in Old Lei (ROL) and in New Lei (RON). The companies in Old Lei appear in two colours: Red for companies in Old Lei that are not updated to the New Leu and green for companies in Old Lei that were updated to the New Leu and that can be found in the New Leu (RON) tab
          Modification of the ITEMS window by insertion of a button for the display of RON - ROL prices
          Modification of the TOOLS menu by insertion of the “Update to New Leu” option for the quick selection of the ROL – RON company
          Modification of the reports by configuring the displayed number of decimals to 2
          Modification of the “Items history” report which now contains distinct information concerning the repayment and rectification documents

 CIEL Business Management 2005 - version 1.0.147 – 22nd December 2004

Modification of the procedure concerning the discharge from administration which now can be also done in case the stock became at a certain point negative (similarly to the DOS version)
Modification and insertion of printing formats: Totals by NIR, Accounting journal, FIFO item stock
Insertion of a procedure for the fast calculation under price by category update
Creation of new configurations for customs taxes and completion of the accounting note concerning the import customs statement
Insertion of new procedures for the usage and follow-up of serial numbers
Modification of the rectification procedure and the corresponding accounting note
Insertion of a new type of “Repayment” document with the corresponding accounting note
Insertion on the company and on the customers/suppliers record of the field concerning the insertion of the Trade Register Number
Insertion of the possibility to configure the accounting plan when creating the company
Modification of the DOS import procedures by addition of new options – partial import (classified lists + documents) and Win 2004 (Win 2005) consolidation
Insertion of the transactions journal
New options only with the Platinum version:
          Insertion of the new version of the Reports generator having a new interface which facilitates the creation and configuration of customised reports by means of the wizard offering information regarding the database in a simple, intuitive way
          Creation of the interface for the fiscal device
          Insertion of the option concerning the interface colours configuration by selecting the preset or customised themes 

CIEL Business Management 2004 - version 1.0.134 – 1st August 2004 

CIEL Business Management Platinum allows network working and contains a Reports Generator for the drafting of customised reports.
Modification of the Item Record, making it possible to configure the prices and accounts depending on the selected storage (prices and accounts by storage).
Modification of the procedure for validation of the CONSUMPTION NOTE, GENERAL OUTGOING and TRANSFER BETWEEN STORAGE documents in that upon validating the documents the calculation of the stock values is made concerning the discharge from administration and depending on the type of management records selected in the configuration, the document lines are rewritten with the management prices.
Modification of the documents window – now it is possible to view the documents in currency at line level and at the level of the document total.
Addition of the possibility to hide the cancelled documents from the lists.
Addition of the possibility to insert the invoice number upon its creation (can be configured under Files – Type of documents – sales invoice – fixed numbering).
Modification of the invoice details and of the delivery notes reports; they also include agent invoices, agent delivery note respectively.
The export to accounting overwrites the XIMPORT.TXT file and can be created depending on the journal and on the already exported records.
Modification of the data import procedure from the CIEL Business Management DOS and CIEL Business Management Windows 3.* versions
Completion of the STOCK BALANCE report

CIEL Business Management 2004 - version 1.0.121 – 6th April 2004

Optimisation of the working speed (for calculation, data insertion, etc.)
Possibility to view the accounting note also after the validation of a document
The Document section was inserted in the internal documents creation window (Transfer between storage, Stock modification, Consumption note)
In the Company parameters window (Files / Company configuration), under the Documents sorting / day options, the default selection is NO
The number of a cancelled invoice can be re-used
Modification of the Current line details within the documents window (the Storage and Agent fields disappeared)
The Section field was added in the Company information option (Files / Configure company)
A warning appears in case the sales price for an item is lower than the purchase price
Totals were added to the incoming-reception note, stock journal, stock balance