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CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.31.1 - 5th August 2011

I. Legislative updates:

Information Statement (Form 30) (Meniul Listari -> Situatii financiare) was updated.

II. Functional improvements :

Correlations and export procedures for checking balance txt file according to the latest updates (Meniul Listari -> Situatii financiare) have been optimized.
The procedure for calculating Statement 394, was optimized. If the user entered notes on the accounts Accounting 401 or 4111, but at third parties completed different CIF, then the statement will show 394 notes differentiated by CIF.
The problem of data collection grids was solved - bill customers / suppliers. If you enter a note ROL account and check Plata/Incasare prin Banca/Casa, the data will not have gone to  payment / receipts.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.31 - 21 July 2011

I. Legislative updates:

Declaration 100 was changed;
Declaration 390 was corrected;
Annex 1 was amended  - fixed assets;
Annex 5 was amended - Statement of Claims and liabilities.

II. Functional improvements :

In the menu Dosare -> Configurare societate -> Optiuni de utilizare and in the menu Dosare -> Setari personale a check "Automatic calculation of exchange rate differences" was added. Unchecking this option, the program will not  automatically calculate the exchange rate differences when introducing a currency receipts or payments.
This version has a new automatic monthly review procedure that generates a note each account for each account balance in foreign currency. We rebuilt the procedures for reopening year, balances and detailing third parties to take account of the new method of revaluation
We rebuilt the procedures for reopening year, balances and detailing third parties to take account of the new method of revaluation
In the menu Dosare -> Configurare societate-> Optiuni de utilizare and in the menu Dosare -> Setari personale a check was introduced "Verificare unicitate CIF".
Explanation accounting note has increased to 100 characters.

Besides the updates below the version 6.28.1 contains minor improvements.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.28 - 23 december 2010

I. Legislative updates:

A. General Chart of Accounts

New forms were added to the listing for buying and selling logs with the name "2010";
The old name "2010" for buying and selling logs turned into "24%" that appears only in records with the VAT rate of 24%;
Printing was introduced as "19%" that appear only in records with the VAT rate of 19%;
Recordings with VAT 19% and 24% occur together but separately recorded on the listing form "2010".
Review procedures have been optimized;
In the menu meniul Dosare / Setari personale we introduced the possibility of verification, unique document;
The report Balanta filtered information to third parties has been optimized;
The report "Varsta debitelor" was optimized.

B. Plan budget accounts

It was reintroduced budget "budget indicator. Thus, at this point you can enter a note recording budgets four accounting: budget classification, "Sources of Financing", "budget indicator", "Cash Indicator";
In the menu  Listari/Executie bugetara -the report Anexa 11 was added;
Chapters and subsections were removed from the input grid planning.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.27 - 12 august 2010

I. Legislative updates:

Financial statements have been modified: Balance sheet, profit and loss account and statement information are now complying with applicable law.
Statement 300 has been modified according to the Order 2245/2010

Functional improvements :

A. Private Companies

The number of characters were increased according to the length of accounting account from 16 to 30 characters;
We have made improvements to the VAT options depending on the type of log used;
The Maturity Schedule was modified;
The simulation of reevaluation report has changed to contain four characters;
Column alignment in the debtor turnover ratio with the analytical balance initial balance is now corrected;
The Budget Indicator was renamed in Indicator 2 auxiliary;
Client Tracking Report has been modified, to be ordered by date and no empty spaces;
Reopening procedure does not allow operation if they are recordings of the exercise of N-1 or older;
Filtering report transaction log, does not grant anymore access to profiles and passwords;
The procedure for closing the month for accounts 609 and 709 has been corrected.

B. Budget Societies

Planning budget option was changed, the name is contained now in the column sources of financing sources;
Empty lines were deleted from the budget planning;
Annual column of the budget planning is completed automatically according to quarterly schedules;
Chapters and subsections of the budget planning is completed automatically;
Report Listing budgetary planning is based on sources of financing;
The budget has been renamed in budget classification;
Legal commitments have been renamed the ordinance;
Profit and loss report was updated and renamed as the result patrimonial account;
Listings new menu / budget execution has been introduced in which are placed Annexes 3,4,6 and 7;
Budget Indicator is now called the cash indicator and is used for printing Annexes 3 and 4.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.26.0 - 23 april 2010

I. Legislative updates:

We changed the statement 100 as OPANAF 1709/2010.

Functional improvements :

We have made adjustments to financial statements;
We've rebuilt multiple listings option, adding statements 100,101,102,390,392,394;
We have improved the method of import from Excel;
We changed the ordering of operations in house and bank records so that revenues appear first, then payments;
We've changed the method of introduction of tax bills, so they do not appear in statement 394. Before the voucher number the letters BF will be inserted, like the reverse charge;
We have corrected the possibility to change the exchange rate at an accounting note inserted using recording patterns;
We have modified the operation of review, so it takes the budgets in the line;
We have expanded the field NDS from 6 to 7 characters to the operation of export / import ASCII.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.25 - 25 march 2010

I. Legislative updates:

Changed the listing of financial statements in accordance with the law: balance sheet, profit and loss account, statement informative, both on paper and printing on the grid before the listing;

Functional improvements :

  We developed the fourth method of closing the year - taking the standard procedure balances- equivalent to reopen the old balances;
On the menu Tools / Resources information added a new procedure for amending the accounting for reopening old notes so they can be counted on monthly revaluation accounting notes;
Changes were made to JVU Journal so they can be registered and exempt and taxable transactions;
Balance changed so that the line sector appears always selected;
The problem was solved in collecting data / Invoice Client - VAT related options;
Fixed the problem of listing analytical balance - check "total length synthetic" an error if you enter another value than figure 3;
The problem was solved related to the revaluation of two bills with the same number;
At the change of an accounting currency notes reevaluated, it will delete all reassessments of that month only of the modified currency.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants- version 6.24 - 22 february 2010

I. Legislative updates:

Statement 300 was amended.
Statement 392 was amended.
Statement 101 was amended.

Functional improvements :

 It has been changed the options of VAT - hid options for resale, capital and needs and have been updated according to statement 390 and 300.

It has been changed the VAT logs as follows:
In the purchase log there were created two new columns: Column 21 - The EU procurement services and column 22 - VAT EU procurement services;
  In the purchase log  column 17 was renamed from CF taxable base in art.150 par.1 let. b-g to Article 150 of the taxable base. par.2-6 - less EU procurement services and column 18 of the VAT taxable according art.150 par.1 lit.b-g in Article 150 of the VAT taxable. paragraph 2-6 - less EU procurement services;
In the sales journal was created a new column: Column 21 - The EU services rendered.

It has been changed the procedure for reopening the year.

It has been introduced the possibility of renumbering of accounting notes from 1.

Three possibilities have been introduced to reopen:
The retrieval of account balances - to take in the new year just balances without detail. Creates a note for each initial balance for each currency worked withthe previous year, the account balance is made by account 891. In the book notes of initial balance of foreign currency accounts only the reassessed  accounts will be taken only . The program will allow the reopening by this method only if there is a revaluation accounting note made automatically by the program on December 31 of last year. Also check if the VAT accounts are closed;
Detailed balance over third parties - to take in the new year balances wide comprehensive document to third parties for other accounts are retrieved only balances. Creates a note for each initial balance for each currency worked withthe previous year, the account balance is made by account 891. In the book notes of initial balance of foreign currency accounts only the reassessed  accounts will be taken only . The program will allow the reopening by this method only if there is a revaluation accounting note made automatically by the program on December 31 of last year. Also check if the VAT accounts are closed;
Standard procedure - involves taking all the turnover in the new year. It will create a single original note balance. In this case it will not take in consideration re-evaluations or if the VAT is closed or not.

Changes were made to the procedure for revaluation of foreign currency accounts.

WARNING! If you change the account for which there is a score generated notes review, the program will delete all notes in the revaluation of the month in which you change the accounting note. Make sure that after the operatopm to resume the reassessment
operation of the month in whichyou change the notes. Also take special care beacuse those changes will be forwarded in chain to the coming months if you have entered data in them. Also it is possible to affect the values already calculated in monthly statements. We advise you to make such changes in the months and re-closed only if absolutely necessary or to make with the date of the current month.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.23 - 10 th february 2010

I. Legislative updates:

Declaration 390 VIES was modified according with OPANAF 76/21.01.2010;
Declarations 100 si 102 was modified according with  OPANAF 1430/2010

II. Functional improvements

Changed the procedure for revaluation of foreign currency accounting notes. Now you can review also your temporary accounting notes.
It was corrected the cash book report.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.22 - 2nd february 2010


In version 6.22 Currency revaluation of balances in the accounting records is allowed only for validated notes. We recommend that before making this operation to make abackup of databases. We have in consideration to allow the revaluation of foreign currency balances including temporary documents. Right now we  examine the implications of this operation in the database.

Accounting plan has changed according to Order no. 3055/2009 for approval of Accounting Regulations in accordance with EU directives

Revaluation of foreign currency balances changed according to Order no. 3055/2009 for approval of Accounting Regulations in accordance with EU directives

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.20 - 4th of August 2009

Introduced a new collection titled “Deductions” data – it can be placed on the record 542

In personal settings a new option was added: checking CIF UE (checking is done on-line).
Statement 392 was added.

Informative notes were added in balance: The management report of the administrator, solemn declaration;

In Data entry / bank extracts can automatically generate a corresponding banking commission receipt / payments.
There is the option to choose the analytic of account 627 that the user wants to use, the amount is optional and can choose a budget. Registering is generated using the button Commission.


Register and log book on big budgets can be expressed in another currency on historical course on an average one. 

A new report was introduced tracking third parties by budgets

On the bills payable book report an option was added totals per day

In data collection customers invoices and suppliers invoices and suppliers the possibility to ask and the number of days due (choice) was added.

In data collection customer’s invoices and suppliers invoices it can use other accounts other than income (invoices for clients) and goods, assets, expenses (invoices for suppliers)

In personal settings fields have been established (Name, Position, Nb. Reg.), financial accounting department Leader, Director, Administrator

Introduced the choice for putting the date of the printed reports. Setting is made in company setup / use options

In data collections moving between fields can be done with the keys Page Up and Page Down

at balance on the type Customer or Suppliers you may make selection of accounts

From the chart of account you can view a validate record in Universal

In universal collecting data the window of choice for budget differences of currency has been changed

Statement of account can also be listed only on sold

Introduced an option in the new universal collection configuration that allow creation of accounts with space

In Resources / information option was introduced by EU HFC correctness checking (checking is done on-line)

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.13 - 10th of October 2008

The procedure for exchange difference accounts has changed – we introduced the possibility to configure the roots of reevaluation accounts.

Balance and Account record can be expressed in another currency to the exchange rate history.

To the Budget Companies we added Budget Indicators, in the Budget Companies’ Type, having the possibility of listing in the Budget Balance, Budget Execution and Budget General Ledger options.

We added the Reverse Entries Reevaluation procedure to the Reverse Entries option to rectify all reevaluations made in a given month.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.12 - 31th of July 2008

I. Functional improvements:
For analytical balance calculation a new check was added - subtotals on synthetic accounts of variable length.

With this option you will be able to obtain, in the analytical balance, subtotals on synthetic length accounts indicated in the configuration report window.
In the configuration window “General ledger” it was introduced a new check for displaying the "initial balance and previous movement" report

"Initial balance" is taken from the registration “reopening” and "Previous movement" is calculated on the previous period of the one specified in the configuration report window.
In the Personal Settings / Company Configuration menu a new check was introduced, "Compulsory budget" for collecting data
By checking this option you will not be able to register an accounting note - nor any DST or VALID- if not specified a code of the budget.
In the due-dates report under Order 77 a check was added on displaying "Balanced entries"
With this check it can be also visualized balanced entries.
In the system configuration it was added a warning option involving the number of passed days since the last save.

By setting a number of days, a warning message will display from the last save.

In the EXAMPLE Company - DM we have introduced model entries with VTA options in order to highlight their use, to correctly display the VTA Journal. Each VTA option will place the entry line on which it is mentioned, in the VTA Journal, in its proper position.
II. Legislative updates:
They introduced the new CAEN codes for 2008 concerning the company area configuration.
On Export financial statements it was added a new check "Biannual" for the biannual export balance sheet - The status of assets and liabilities CAPITAL (Code 10) and informative statement - Facts & Figures (Code 30)

For the budget companies we have introduced a new accounting plan, according to MEF Order no. 1187/2008 - amending the Rules concerning the organization and management of public institutions accountancy.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.11 - 9th of June 2008

You may select the type of settlement (monthly, half-yearly, annually) in Settlement 300
in contextual menu, on the balance grid, you can open the account sheet and
you have access per companies with a new profile, unchangeable
you may filter the company list  
from now you can perform the –re-indexation, data base consolidation and repairing with a single button
you can view the list of users who opened the program using the option “Active server connections”
You may insert comments when you list the financial statements (new field of comments in data change form)
In the Unpaid Provider Report in estimates we have also inserted the equivalent in RON  
on the account excerpt you can also choose provider accounts  
now you can define the profit and loss accounts for the exchange differences by re-assessing the balances in foreign currency.  
we have inserted a new report  “Re-assessment Simulation Report”
You can work with the payment schedule, according to GEO 77 / 01.06.1999 and law 469 / 19.07.2002
Appendix 40 was introduced in the balance
you can export the balance in the format of the program BILANT1207 (Ministry of Finances)
A regular saving option was inserted – Periodical Saving Setup
the Trading Books with VAT were updated according to the Order 1372/2008
you can automatically set the length of the accounts at a certain size (between 5 and 16 characters). The application automatically completes with “o” up to the set length

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants -version 6.10.0 -18th of February 2008

the possibility of generating a text file for the export in the BALANCE 2007 application was inserted. 
the possibility of changing a NDS directly from the account sheet (grid) and from the display grid Multi-criteria Search by right-clicking on the line, was introduced . 
The Statement  100 was changed and the possibility of inserting name and position was introduced.  
The Statement  102 was inserted
The possibility of the sales and purchase VAT book export directly from the grid was introduced. 
The Statement 394 was changed –  now there are also the accounting sales notes, inserted on the RC, JB books 
The help button was inserted in the window Statement 394.  
a new report was introduced under Listing – Tax statements – profit tax .  
the appendices to the balance were inserted in the STANDARD VERSION: appendices 1-5 can be setup/changed; all the appendices 1 -  10 can be printed directly from the application.  
for budget companies, in the budget sheet under the Account - Payments column the account 770 was added.
it was added the possibility that upon closing the costs and revenues to also group per auxiliary budget or, for budget units per financing sources. 
For foundation companies, the accounting plan was modified according to Order no. 1969/2007 of  09/11/2007 on the approval of the accounting rules for legal persons without a patrimonial purpose

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.9.0 -17th of December 2007
The selection form of the purchase and sales commercial Journals with VAT which have now filter on the third party has been modified.
A new menu within the lists has been inserted:Prints – Third parties follow-up – Statement of account.
A new menu within the company configuration has been inserted:Folders - Bank accounts.
The "Close month" option has been modified –the possibility of drafting the closing With or Without grouping by budgets has been inserted.
Within the “Maintenance database” option from “Tools”, a button has been added with which a report with database structure can be obtained.
Finalizing form “Statement 100" has been modified by introducing the possibility of choosing the bank from the bank list created in:Folders - Bank accounts.
The third party record which has now a new check mark has been modified, “Invoice operations with included VAT” used in the Statement 394

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.8.0 - 26th of December 2007

A new option has been added – Personal settings in Folders menu – Company configuration by users;
In Universal Collection, for C-type or V-type journals, there is a grid in which payment modalities can be selected by which the payment note is automatically generated immediately after the accounting note is registered (DST or VALIDATION).

Now, the Print balance sheet form also includes the selection possibilities based on budget filter and auxiliary budgets or financing resources;
The option from the Tools – Information resources includes functions that clear the users’ collecting data grids or initialize the customizations from the list-type windows (delete LAYOUT)
A new option in Tools – Maintenance database has been added
In Collecting data grid – Clients/providers invoices, the verified account list is also extended to the ones that are bases for VAT options.

The procedure in Processing menu – Reevaluation balances in foreign currency has been modified and the possibility of consulting the Reevaluation history has been inserted
Universal Collection – new Duplicate button, duplicates one or more lines
Only the third party with F4 by the third party’s name in the Universal collection and by JB/RC collection can be chosen
The display modality in the Third party list has been modified, thus, if a third party record has no associated account, it does not appear anymore in the third party list
A new report for Print analytic balance budget has been inserted, the Centralize by the account option.

The possibility of inserting in the universal collection grid of an accounting note in single ledger has been inserted, only on the extra balance sheet accounts (8 and 9 class)
The specialized grids has been reconfigured in order to keep the last journal used and in order to introduce automatically the counter trade account configured on that journal.

The calculation format the Statement 100 has been modified– by adding the two corresponding check marks “payment in unique account of the obligations at the State budget” and “social contributions” with their highlighting on the report
In Information resources menu, two new options have been added;
Modification of SIG list, which should take into account the currency parameter, to null it takes everything, to '' it takes the default currency, and for the rest it takes the specified currency;
Modification of the situation form from the financial analysis, currency addition, modification of the corresponding code;
The calculation and display modality of VAT DISCOUNT has been modified in order to be printed and without a printed journal (in the absence of sales / purchases)
The Export option in DBF for printing the balance, the journal register has been added on the “EXPORT” button

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.7.1 - 16th of July 2007

The Statement 394 has been modified, by rounding to total of the base and VAT amounts centralized at partner level
Corrections have been made for Internet update in case of interruptions
The balance sheet print for fiscal year reopening notes with incorrect NDP has been corrected
The “Debits age detailed” report has been inserted which allows printing the debits on 5 delay periods, detailed at document level

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.7.0 - 6th of July 2007

Statement 394 was inserted. Printing, data saving for the fiscal unit and saving into the program D394 format.
For easier filling in and printing of statement 394, the following options were added to the TOOLS / RESOURCES - INFORMATION menu:
                            verification of FRC correctness
                            update of third parties FRC (R->RO) 
                            FRC modification per record, depending on the information in the third party record
Under CONFIGURE COMPANY a new chapter was inserted, FISCAL REPRESENTATIVE.
The Third parties FRC/PNC Verification Option was inserted under CONFIGURE COMPANY / Usage options
The new VAT Discount was inserted (Statement 300) 

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.6.0 - 21th of May 2007

A new Bank Register report was inserted.
The VAT options can be accessed from the data collection, using the key combination CTRL + F7, regardless of the cursor’s position within the data collection grid.
A new data type control was implemented

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants  - version 6.5.0 - 29th of March 2007

Modification of collecting the data concerning the filling-in of the VAT journals (Law for the modification and completion of Law no. 571/2003 concerning the FISCAL CODE).
Insertion of new VAT options corresponding to columns 16/23, 25 and 26 within the VAT journal for acquisitions.
Insertion of new VAT options corresponding to columns 12 and 13 within the VAT journal for sales.
Insertions of options for display in currencies different from the ones used upon data insertion, for the ACCOUNT RECORD, GENERAL LEDGER and PREVIOUS BALANCE reports.

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.4.0 - 8th of February 2007

Insertion of Auxiliary budgets (for com. Comp.) / Financing sources (for budgetary companies) 
a new option in the Files menu;
a new option in the data collection grid = Auxiliary budgets / Financing sources
a new option in the General Ledger, Budget and Analytic Balance printing windows
A new type of balance was inserted – with 2 parities
The VAT journals were modified according to the law for the modification and completion of Law no. 571/2003 concerning the FISCAL CODE
The VAT discount and the configuration modality were modified.
The printing form was modified so that the Acquisition / Sales Journal can be also printed in A3 format
The Balance and Profit and Loss account forms were inserted
Grids were inserted for the Print Previous Balance and Print Account Record

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants  - version 6.3.0 - 8th of December 2006

The account book can also be printed in the “portrait” layout
Insertion of possibility to configure the income or financial expenses account directly from the manual marking account - regularization.
A new form was inserted in the menu per printing, “Statement concerning the state obligations”, with possibility of configuring and printing of the form.
In the analytic balance, the quantity column appears optionally. In this type of balance the month closing will not be taken into account within the JIN journal or those whose NDP starts with the word "Closing".
The account book was corrected concerning the calculations of notes of the 5311=707+4427 type
The Profit and Loss Account form and the VAT Statement were modified by insertion of the selective totals – only positive or only negative
As far as the budgetary companies are concerned: 
                   insertion of possibility to configure the budgets for the budgetary units in the Processing / Budget planning menu
                   insertion of BUDGET PLANNING option in the PROCESSING menu
                   completion of BUDGETARY EXECUTION report
                   the Passing for payment and Commitment reports can be printed from the List of Records and from the Universal Collection;
                   new forms were inserted for budgetary units – Balance and Patrimony account 

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.2.0 - 16th of October 2006

Creation, saving and loading of Balance, Profit and Loss account, SIG and VAT forms.
The balance can be printed in another foreign currency, desired by the user.
Account book – the page numbering can be continued from a number inserted by the user.
The models can also be saved with the values inserted in the grid.
Save multiple – several companies can be saved simultaneously.
Update multiple – several companies can be updated simultaneously.
The exchange rate difference was solved.
Modification of resources/information procedure.
The budget count facility was improved for the budgetary companies.
Printing – General Ledger: The NDS of the %=% (composite) type records can be printed.
Addition of a new text fields insertion and modification modality on the collection forms by Insertion (Files – Configure company).

CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants - version 6.1.0 - 27th of July 2006

Modification of the month closing procedure (expenses/income); it now generates the CLOSINGE for the expenses accounts and CLOSINGI for the income accounts.
Insertion of possibility to print the balance in Portrait or Landscape layout. - option from the Print – balance window
Under Print/Journals, the option for sorting the report by NDS or by Date was inserted.
Under Print/Budget/General Ledger, the total is displayed for each account.
Under Print / Register the cash register in currency and balance in currency were inserted.
Under Print / Register, the cash register in lei a total per day is displayed. You can also insert “Report printing date” in case the Account book is not printed daily.
The ASCII Export/Import procedure was modified. Extended export/import can be executed. The extended format exports/imports accounts with maximum length of 16 characters (compared to 11 in the previous version) and takes over the VAT options.
For the budgetary companies, an analytic account can be associated to Budget
Under Processing/Manual marking, you can execute the Marking regularization by balancing with the debit/credit difference.
Correction of the rectification operation concerning the records inserted by means of the specialized collection grids.