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We have created for you a SIMPLE and FREE product. With a modern and intuitive interface to help you quickly and easily manage your business activity.

If your computer does not meet minimum requirements, your installation will not be completed successfully.



FREE Program

The program is FREE!
You can download and use when needed;
Contains a number of standard configurations that can be modified at any time by you;
Allows access to all functions of accounting and management;
Can be used indefinitely.



Strong Points

Once downloaded, the program will install all the necessary elements, and within minutes it will be ready for use;
Intuitive and modern interface, with integrated electronic help make this application accessible and easy to use;
The legislative changes or functional features of of the application reach you in real time through a visual notification right during the use of the program.
Application updates are transmitted on-line to be constantly according to the law;
The program is accompanied by an electronic manual context with practical examples for each window separately;
Editing data is simply inline without opening other windows;
You can find out if the company is active or bankrupt according to the official website of the Ministry of Finance;
You can get 394 statement with electronic signature directly from the program;
You can update exchange rates quickly by synchronizing the application with the official site of the National Bank of Romania;
Automatically calculates the exchange rate differences;
You can import partners classifications and articles or edit them as you enter documents into the database, option that enables immediate use of the application;
Receipt of the goods can be loaded on multiple stores simultaneously in the same NIR;
Sharing of the costs transportation and other services can be automatically inserted in the cost of the goods;
You can set restrictive access rights to software, customized for each user;
You can edit previously entered documents, authorized users may also act on valid documents;
In any table you can make a multi-criteria search for rapid identification of information;
You can export any data in Excel format;
Each user can create a preferred interface in the program. You can choose from a wide range of topics, you can set different fonts and character sizes.


1. Nomenclatures management
You can edit data directly in the table or in a centralized form;
You can import partners and articles from Excel or text.;
You can sort the data ascending or descending on each column separately;
You can search for information simultaneously on multiple columns;
You can configure any type of item by: Stock, Services, finished product;
You can set a price list for items;
You can automatically update your partners in accordance with the Ministry of Finance;
You can automatically retrieve exchange rates over the connection with the Romanian National Bank website;
You nomenclatures structure nomenclatures of articles and partners on categories.

2. Document management
You can enter the primary accounting system for all documents. Program fits both stock product trading firms and service companies;
You can edit a document based on one or more of the base documents. For example you can do one bill of sale based on one order or more sales orders received from a partner;
You can make a collection or an advance payment, without the need to pre-register a bill of sale / purchase;
You can at any time view the balance of an invoice or a partner;
Any document can be saved in one of three states: Temporary, Valid, Anulat
You can edit or delete a document depending on the acces rights in the program, regardless of it's condition;
You can attach your logo on the bill of sale;
Receipt of the goods can be loaded on multiple stores simultaneously in the same NIR;

3. Reports
List reports can be achieved through a multi-criteria filtering;
You can list management reports of Articles:
Stoc articole;
Balanta de stocuri;
Fisa de magazie;
Fisa de articol.
You can list the following reports regarding the management of the partners:
Raport de facturi neincasate;
Totaluri documente;
Fisa de partener.
You can list and manage reports of receipts and payments:
Raport incasari/plati;
Raport de gestiune zilnica (en-detail).

4. Configuration
You can set the length of the input;
You can set the program to work with a cash register through an easy interface;
You can set the program to work with unloading FIFO, LIFO or CMP;
Discharge can be done to save each document or you can set the program to download regular management;
You can define an unlimited number of users in the program;
Each user has set a password and access level in the program;
Modern interface allows you to customize graphics (change theme, change font size in tables and change the display order of the columns in the dimension tables) for each user;
You can use the shortcut bar at various functions;
You can make backups of used databases whenever necessary.


Maintenance Contract



Price licence CIEL Simplu



Price Maintenance Contract CIEL Simplu
200 RON     

Price does not include VAT  

Contract is not binding. Using CIEL Simplu CIEL is not conditioned by a maintenance contract.

Maintenance Contract for CIEL Simplu offers:

telephone access to our Technical Support department, unlimited calls. The appeal does not involve surcharge;
Legislative and functional updates that occur during the validity of the contract;
Access to the dedicated forum CIEL Simplu application in which our technicians will answer ;
Get quick response on email for your questions.

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