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CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants

The CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants application has been specifically designed to be used by accounting experts - both individuals and legal entities. The application was developed based on the CIEL Accounting application, to which additional features were added that are specific to the accounting profession.





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CIEL Accounting for Chartered Accountants

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The Maintenance Contract is signed for a period of one year and provides you with:
Telephone technical support
Legislative and functional updates for the product


Strong points

Multi-company - ideal for accounting firms keeping the records of a large number of companies
Allows work in a multi-exercise system and with multiple estimates 
Permanently updated according to the law in force
The product can be updated from the internet 
The data collection is simple and effective, you have windows specialised for types of documents
You have the possibility of working with and printing temporary documents, which allows you to erase or modify records any time
You have the possibility of creating accounts during the process of data collecting
You can list / edit / export the reports using various criteria
You can obtain: Currency report, Cash Register in Lei or foreign currency, multiple listings on many databases, Cash flow
Term and annual reports: Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account, the situation of the patrimony, Annexes 1-10 of the Balance sheet, The form no. 30 of the Balance sheet, VAT Deduction
Management reports: Intermediate Management Balances Report, Lists of inventory
You have the possibility of comparing the reports obtained from different exercises (years) 



1. General

      The application is delivered with an “Example” company in which you can perform tests and useful exercises as long as you adjust to the application
      You can insert an unlimited number of records, accounts, journals, budget codes and estimates
You have the possibility of setting up the number of decimals for data collection ( from 0 to 4 decimals for the values in lei and estimates and maximum 8 for the estimate course); 
      The application places at the disposal two modes of use: simplified/advanced
      Two and and three - dimensional Graphics;
      Real time communication with CIEL Business Management application;

2. Basic Files
Plan of accounts
      You can choose to encrypt the accounting accounts within 16 characters
      You have options of collecting that can be defined for each account, to collect what is useful: maturity date, trade number, analytical/budget code, quantity, VAT option
      You can restrict the use of an account
      You have an account pluralities and balances for the current financial year and for the last financial year closed
      You can create and manage an unlimited number of analytical accounts and also view pluralities and balances for each of them

      The accounting plan is embedded and can be easily modified.    

Third Parties



      The following fields are found in the client records and suppliers: address, fiscal code, telephone, fax, maturity date, maximum credit, observations 

      CIEL Accountancy for Chartered Accountants allows creating a high number of customised journals (maximum 3 characters in journal code)
      The journals are settable as type of sales, purchase, cash, bank, various operations or sale, acquisition with subtypes of location (Romanian, EU or Non-EU)
      The data collection is facilitated by the association (counter-party) of an account to a certain accounting journal
      The number of primary documents associated to the type of journal can be automatically increased
      The number of primary documents associated to the type of journal can be unique

      You have multiple sorting, filtering and searching possibilities of the records 

Analytical/budget codes

      The program offers the possibility of monitoring the company’s activities split per chapters of an estimated budget. Therefore the costs/revenues can be highlighted per types of activities, departments of the firm, projects, etc.

      You can create an unlimited number of Budget or Analytical codes with maximum 16 alphanumeric characters.
      Analytical division keys – allow the percentage distribution of main budgets per secondary budgets and highlighting them per analytical/budget reports

3. Data Collections
      In order to use the program more efficiently, you have combinations of keys and multiple formats of data collection at your disposal
      You have four completely automatic collection modes: bill collection client/providers, excerpts, cash register and a manner of universal general collection 
      You can create, modify and search an account according to the code or name
      Creation, modification and searching an account by code or name
      During the collection you can consult the list of records and the account sheet or you can generate record templates
      The records (accounting notes) are automatically discounted

4. Processing
      You can modify the temporary secondary documents (DST)
      Account operation – you have the possibility of directly working on the account sheet: cancellation, discounting, marking
      Operation of marking/de-limiting can be automatically or manually performed, for the trademark number or value
      Multi-criteria search – this option can be very helpful for searching information in the list of records or in the accounting plan. For example: searching the record(s) containing a certain sum specified, the list of records registered in the purchase journal (provider bills) for the second quarter, with sums exceeding a certain value 
      Validating secondary documents – performing the passage of documents from the temporary state (when they can still modified or erased) to the definitive state. After validation, the only way of annulment is cancellation
      You can issue the VAT closing note
      The closing note for costs and revenues can be automatically issued
      The closing and re-opening can be automatically performed
      Strengthening the data bases – the balances of two or more companies or branches can be centralised

5. Listing
      Listings are available on the screen or at the printer according to multiple criteria
      The account record will be partial, global or for an account; you also have the possibility of displaying the previous pluralities
      You can issue the balance with 4 or 5 equalities: analytical, synthetic, partial, clients, suppliers, previous with initial balances or previous turnovers
      To increase the security, you can choose to work with temporary secondary documents
      Journals, centralised journals
      Foreign exchange report
      Cash Register in Lei or foreign currency
      Trade Journals with VAT
      Journal Register, Maturities, Budget situations (General Ledger, balance), Cash flow

6. Quarterly/half-yearly reports
      You can obtain the balance, the profit and loss account, the patrimony situation
      Balance Sheet Annex 9
      30 Form Balance Sheet
      VAT Deduction Report
      You can generate the "Intermediate Management Balances" report
7. Data Transfer
      Files can be imported in ASCII
      Exports can be obtained in .rtf, .htm, .dbf, .xls, .txt formats
      You can import data from the other CIEL modules
      You may transfer data from one computer to another or from one company to another 

8. Security
      You can protect your data using the save and file restore functions
      The rights of access to functions (defining the user’s profile) will be managed according to the needs of each company in the code and personal password for each user
      You can generate transaction journals in which the main operations highlighted are done by the user
      You have at your disposal a full-function verification of your database, in terms of accounting, information and data coherence in the "Database Maintenance” and “Information / Resources"  options from the “Tools” menu